Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yummylicious Sunday (Lunch)

Hey there my lovely readers! Sorry for being on hiatus for so so long... well, I'm back now! School's out, and let's all enjoy the Christmas season! :D 

Will be updating with as many foodie posts as possible ^_^

Anyways, like I promised, here's the prawn mee I -ahem- ate a few months ago, and was supposed to post this but didn't get to it haha~ Without further ado...

My family decided to walk to Beach Road after church service, to get a load of this awesome bowl of delicious prawn mee ^_^ I had never tried it before, till that day - oh boy, it was gooooooooood!

They basically sell everything to do with prawn mee, and if I'm not mistaken, there are additions of pork ribs and pig innards. As for me, I chose to have mine with yellow mee/thick bee hoon, pork ribs and shelled prawns, along with the soup broth. 

Just for those foreigners out there who are wondering how would you order a bowl to your liking:

1) Pick: All prawns/Prawns with pork ribs/Prawns with pig innards/Prawns with everything (I think there is that option) {Price varies)
2) Would you like your prawns shelled?
3) Soup or Dry? (Dry will come with soup broth in a separate bowl)
4) Which kind of noodles would you like? (Thick bee hoon, kway teow, yellow mee, bee hoon) 
{You can mix 2 different kinds of noodles together, just like mine!}
5) How big would you like your portion to be? {Price varies}

Yupps, I think you'd be pretty confident with your order just about now :D 

Yummy prawn mee!
Take a look at that~ yumyum. The soup is of course, the utmost important factor in prawn mee. It decides if that bowlful is worth the trip.

In fact, let me tell you readers something, I featured a prawn mee stall in Ghim Moh for my film project, and while interviewing the boss, he mentioned that in prawn mee, the defining ingredients that make prawn mee, prawn mee, is the distinctive soup broth and chilli. *enlightened*
Well yes, we Singaporeans should sorta know that already, but what I like about what he said was, "If the soup and chilli is not good, it's just some noodles". Maybe the next time when you find yourself nomming prawn mee, you will take time to savour these 2 ingredients more ;)

The verdict: As for Blanco Court's one, the soup is very flavourful, and you'll find yourself slurping up that last bit of broth! The noodles have a great texture, with a nice bite :B I love the fact that they offer to shell the prawns for you (it will come in halves), cause I'm the sort that have no skill whatsoever in peeling prawns lol. The prawns were fresh, which is obviously important - if not why call prawnnnnn mee? As for the pork ribs, it slides right off the bone, and is tender.
What a simple but tasteful lunch I had! ^_^

My rating? Hmms... 4.8NOMX :D
I do recommend those who have time, to take a stroll there & try this slurpworthy bowl. You won't regret it~


Cherlyn xoxo

+CG girls' outing potbless food post is going to be up pretty soon (this time I mean it haha)+

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