Saturday, August 16, 2014

Decadent Crispy Churros from Spanish Doughnuts!

Tick tock, tick tock. Your eyes widen as you look at the fresh dough being piped out of the churrera. Your tastebuds begin tingling, watching the golden fried churros come out of the fryer. The chef lays them out onto a cooling rack, and sprinkles pristine white powdered sugar over the delicate star-shaped goodness. He scoops a portion into their custom-made cone, and places 3 dips hanging on its mouth. He calls your number... and you feel your senses come alive.

Now that my friends, is how the process of waiting for your churros at Spanish Doughnuts is like. ;)

Mmm-mm! I can still taste the savoury yet sweet awesomeness that lingers in my mouth. :D Like woah, it was THAT good.

Here's some photos from the churro making process:
The churro dough piping itself outta the churrera
Doesn't it just make you salivate at the thought of having one to crunch? Coz my goodness, this dough that they make comes out real crispy, not oily, and yet mind-blowingly amazing. Even the powdered sugar is just right. What I haven't had before was dipping my churro into various chocolate sauces. Over here at Spanish Doughnuts, they offer a variety of churro for you to select and enjoy - some are filled, some decorated with an abundance of toppings, and then you have the most popular item on the menu: the Choco Churrito's! Yes, they offer the original hot churros as well, plus a savoury option that has not yet been made available, but for today, let's feature the item which Singaporeans have been raving about!

Choco Churrito's 
When you see it in all its glory, especially the first time, you get this immediate feeling of satisfaction rising in your chest. After snapping all the pics from every angle possible, you ready yourself to devour that fried doughy goodness. Your fingers tremble slightly as they gently pick up the churro and dip it into the dark/milk/white chocolate. When you finally sink your teeth into the churro, your eyes roll back as you mouth the words, "Omg this is insanely delicious!" - My Virgin Experience.

Dat Churro.
Churro decadence at its finest.

The variety of 3 chocolate sauces are certainly a factor which Singaporeans adore, as they feel that they get more bang for their buck HAHA. It's also somewhat a novelty, since you get to dip your churro into a different chocolate type for every bite. Triple-dipping ENCOURAGED. :3

Cost of this delicious-ness? SGD$9.90
While I might point out that it isn't cheap, it is definitely not too expensive, as you have to consider the quality of ingredients used, as well as the quantity. This is great when shared between 2 or 3 people, so the cost is also shared amongst y'all good people. :D Since they make the churro fresh for each order, it means that you are getting your dessert at its peak, coz it'll reach your tastebuds when it's still warm, and crunchy! As for the chocolate sauces, you can tell that they don't scrimp on the quality, as they are thick, and yet not gooey, unlike some that you may have tried before. What I love about it is that it isn't overly sweet, and even though I feared that the white chocolate would be super sugary, surprise surprise - it WASN'T! :OOO Overall, you get satisfaction, and it raises your happiness bar for the day, so why not? It's not like you have it everyday. (Coz now, that is not encouraged at its slightest hahaha)

I am definitely recommending this to every dessert fan out there, and trust me, you'll not be left disappointed in any way! :) For those health-conscious, yeah - they are not the healthiest dessert around town, but be rest assured that if you have these babies once in a while, it'll be fine, coz it's not overly sweet, neither is it dripping with oil - there is practically no oil residue on your fingers :D Strapped on cash? No worries, just get 1 or 2 pals to join in, and you too can have a taste of these lovely crunchies.

A tip for you guys though, if you're there on the weekends, it may be difficult to find seats, so do anticipate that. :) If you're in a hurry, then order the churros another time, as they prepare them in batches, which will roughly take 5-10 minutes to be ready. Good food can wait.

Psst.. I actually recorded a short video of the unbelievable crunch it has, but it wouldn't upload :( Maybe next time I'll try again haha :D

My companions for the day!

Meeeeee! Haha pardon my makeup-less face.
My sister, Alexis
One of F10, Priscilla 
Hail them crispy churro's,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

P.S. New post will be up on soon! It's a special feature on my beloved F10, so stay tuned guys :)

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