Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choo, Choo! It's Thai Food :D

Choo, Choo? Hahaha... well, if it makes any sense, I ate at ThaiExpress last thursday with my FYP mates! :D {Betcha geddit now}

It's one of the many meals tgt to come, since FYP mates are like your new best friends (you see them all the time, basically - not that I'm complaining, I LOVE MY GROUP praise the Lord) XD Anyways, the reason why our group so randomly turned up for late lunch (like waaay late, around 3.45pm), was coz our lecturer had let us off earlier, so we decided to have lunch tgt yayyyyy (especially for the foodie lover - ME). Took kinda long to choose, since Clementi Mall doesn't have much stuffz, but we eventually settled for yknow, ThaiExpress. :>

I ordered a set meal, which includes the main dish: SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice, Pomelo Salad, Glass Vermicelli Soup & Sweet Potatoes w Whipped Cream = $12.90.
Isn't it quite worth it? Well, when as I ate my fill, I can tell you, my next visit to ThaiExpress won't be that long... XD

Let's get the ball rolling! (or drooling of saliva, more like)

First up, the SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice!!! le yumz.

SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice
As you can see, the rice itself is slightly greenish in colour, which means that they might have doused the rice with green curry before serving (I doubt so though, the rice wasn't wet with gravy, no gravy at all actually), so I guessed that they might have cooked the rice in a special way that allowed the essence, herbs & flavour of the green curry to be contained so awesomely. Chicken pieces were hidden in the rice, and the chicken was very tender, it was in noooo way hard, and was thoroughly enjoyable! This main dish was so goooooood. A definite recommend.

Pomelo Salad
It might be kind of weird at first glance, seeing that we're not accustomed to having pomelos with... onions. :D Well, I was rather hesitant on my first bite, since I've always labelled pomelos as the cousin of grapefruit, and a tad bitter. However, I was mindblown when my tastebuds only reacted to the sweetness, and it was NOT BITTER AT ALL. Very lovely starter to the meal, and the portion was so generous, I asked one of my team mates, Jillian, to have some :D

Glass Vermicelli Soup
Clear soup, huh? How good can it be... that was my thought, thinking that it was going to just be a nice accompaniment to the main. How wrong I was! It was loaded with glass vermicelli, and bits of vege here and there, and the soup was tasty :) It was slightly peppery as well, which gave it the Thai touch.

Sweet Potatoes w/ Whipped Cream
Now, now. Don't cringe! This was very very very very good :B The sweet potatoes were nicely diced, and had such amazing sweetness and the right amount of bite for every mouthful. The whipped cream works well with the sweet potatoes, and was light & creamy. Interesting dessert that I recommend.

Overall, I must say, I enjoyed this meal so much! Of course, the company of friends makes it all the more memorable :) The portions were generous, and left the place feeling absolutely satisfied. Will be frequenting ThaiExpress more often, now that I know of good stuffz.

To those who wish for a change in palates,
Cherlyn xoxo

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