Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feta Cheeeeesy Day PART TWO!

Feeling hungry already? Well, not to worry! If you're looking for a quick-fix for your rumbling tummy, despair not, for this recipe for delicious pasta won't let you down :) {I sound like an advert, don't I} XD
This recipe serves 2 servings :) So, just adjust the amount of ingredients to your own liking.

Presenting to you... *drumroll* Stir-Fried Fusilli w bacon bits and herbs ;)

What you'll need:
  • Less than half a packet of pasta 
  • 3/4 bottle of red pasta sauce (use any you'd like, but preferably one w/o cheese, since we'll be adding in feta cheese later)
  • Feta cheese (basically how much you'd like, but you can go crazy with this element, since the sauce will swallow up most of the punchiness)
  • A huge red onion OR several small red onions
  • Olive oil (cooking type & extra virgin)
  • Several cloves of minced garlic
  • Half a packet of bacon bits (or how much you'd like)
  • Oregano flakes
  • Rosemary flakes (or leaves, if you'd prefer)
  • A pot of boiling water ;)
  • A strainer to drain off excess water
  • 2 spatulas
  • 1 wok or pan
Alright, let's get started! :) I have pictures to guide y'all ^_^

Firstly, let's make sure we have all the ingredients prepared, coz once we start cooking, there's not much time to waste, especially if you want to finish this in under half an hour :)

Let's get the pot of water boiling, shall we? I advise you to fill at least half the pot with water. Now, you can daringly leave it on high heat & wait for it to bubble.

Next up, let's move on to chopping the red onion(s), till it becomes something like the size of what you see below:

Chopped red onion
(Don't be afraid of the amount - it's really not that strong once you've mixed it into the pasta sauce)
Yknow, I've always wondered why it's called red onion, when it's clearly purple. Oh well, it tastes good, and that's what matters :D

Next up, let's mince the garlic (okay, I did forget to take a photo of it, I admit - haha), but I'm sure you nommers out there know this well, unless you're a newbie (in this case, just chop the garlic cloves into really teeny weeny bits) ;)

Oh yes, once you hear the pot of water bubbling, pour in your desired amount of pasta, and stir through it for 10 seconds, to ensure that none of the pasta gets stuck onto the bottom of the pot. Also, now pour in a tablespoon of cooking olive oil. Stir through.

Pot of pasta, waiting to be ready :)
Okay, now let's leave it to cook, for approximately 10 minutes, or when you see that the pasta has distinctively become bigger (but not too big, it means it's been cooked too long). It really differs on the level of heat & how much pasta you put in. :) For me, I just leave it on high heat

During the waiting time, open the bottle of pasta sauce, finely crumble the feta cheese and take out the bacon bits from the fridge (leave it in the fridge till you want to use it, in order to maintain its freshness). Of course, if you haven't finished chopping up those onions and garlic, continue to do so during this time :) Shortly after, check on your pasta, and once it's ready, turn off the heat & drain off the excess water using a strainer.

Pour a sizeable amount of extra virgin olive oil on the pasta, and stir through evenly :)
This ensures the pasta doesn't stick together.
Let's get started on the stir-fry! LOW HEAT.
Pour a tablespoon of cooking olive oil into the wok, and swirllll it around.
Now, add in the garlic first, use another spatula to swish it around. Throw in the onions, and let it simmer for a short while (don't wait for the garlic to brown, it will be burnt by the time you finish cooking the bacon bits!). At last, now we add bacon bits ^_^ Now, this will be cooked for several minutes, ensuring it is thoroughly cooked. You'll be able to tell, once the bacon bits start to get brown.

How the bacon bits should look like when cooked :)

Pour in 3/4 bottle of the pasta sauce, right into the wok.
Keep rest of the sauce in the fridge, for use for another day.

Sprinkle oregano & rosemary all over the sauce, stir through. Do this twice.
Now, add in the feta cheese, and yes, stir again. 
Carefully pour in the pasta (some may spill out of wok if poured all at once).
Stir through, going in from the center then outwards - this helps to get all that sauce around evenly.
 Soon enough, your pasta is done! :) Scoop out your portion, then sprinkle oregano over the top, to add that extra herby touch to it ;D

Completed pasta! :)
See? Making pasta ain't tough, it's probably the easiest dinner to make - for me >v<
Hope y'all try this out, it's great for bringing out for picnics or gatherings, as you don't have to trouble yourself by separating the sauce and being cautious of the pasta becoming dry along the way. :)

-Till the next post-

Cherlyn xoxo

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