Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Dark Bitter Chocolate Fantasy

Hey guys!!! Sorry for the extra long hiatus... during my holidays (which ended around 2 weeks ago), I was literally just rolling about in the house, catching up on all the Korean dramas I wanted to watch :D Teehee. Had amazing stuff like City Hunter, Faith The Great Doctor, Personal Taste, and even rewatched BOF :) Heh, if you haven't known by now, Lee Min Ho is my fave actor :D {I'm watching ongoing kdramas now actually - Gu Family Book, You're the Best, Lee Soon Shin & Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love}
Well, now that I'm back and chock-full of food to yak about, let's get to it!

First up, DARK BITTER CHOCO CAKE from... Chocolate Origin!

I'm sure lotsa Singaporeans have had ultra delish choco cake from Awfully Chocolate, but have you guys took a bite out of Chocolate Origin's? :D Coz lemme tell you, their cake, is amazeballs.

Chocolate Origin counter 
They have 2 outlets, one at Changi Village Road, and the other, at 313@somerset :) I patronised the latter.

Chocolate Lava cake, with vanilla ice cream

Center is filled with melted choco yumz!
My family decided to try their lava cake, since one of my classmates raved about it before :) It's rather interesting, as they have vanilla ice cream on the bottom, then the lava cake on top! This ensures maximum satisfaction of the hot n cold, as they combine well together. The ice cream was normal, but the chocolate in the center, oh that was GOOD. It is like pure melted chocolate, just waiting for you to scoop it up. Might not be the best of the best, but hey, I still totally recommend this cup of awesome gooey chocolate.
A tip though, don't leave the lava cake alone for too long, or it'll become soggy due to the melting ice cream on the bottom :D

Of course, our star of the post, the dark bitter chocolate cake! :DDD This retails at $36, and is more expensive than the original. The prices vary for different sizes btw.

My photo doesn't do this cake justice. 

This, my friends, is the amazing chocolate cake that hits the right spot. Explaining the exact experience is not possible in words, and it is a must-try personal experience ^_^ What I can tell you is, I like this cake better than Awfully Chocolate's, as the dark bitter chocolate that Chocolate Origin uses is very very palatable, and it is neither too sweet nor too bitter. The texture of the cake is wonderful, with a smooth fudge-like coating of chocolate, with a dense spongey interior, with chocolate laced in between the layers. I LOVE THIS CAKE. 

Mind you, I've eaten a ton of chocolate cakes before, and to say that this cake is better than Awfully Chocolate's, you've gotta have this.

A good tip though: don't get too excited and cut yourself too big a slice... coz umm yes, too much chocolate = too much richness, it will get to you. :D

I'll definitely be getting this cake again, and it'll always be the dark bitter - yknow, I do sort of have a taste of bittersweet chocolate, instead of the all out sweet kinds. Yeapppp.

Will be posting more often soon! Hopefully I can squeeze out some time from my year 3 to do this >v<

Fulfilling your choco fantasies,
Cherlyn xoxo