Sunday, December 16, 2012

CG Girls' Potbless Night

Just a few days ago, the girls in my caregroup organised a potbless during our outing :D

I took the opportunity to bring baked potato wedges with herbs ^_^ Well, since it was something that I hadn't cooked for quite a long while, so I basically just searched up a recipe for cajun potato wedges online and tweaked the recipe to suit my own liking haha...

Okay, here's the recipe for some yum-in-my-tum homemade wedges~ Herbified Wedges, Cherlyn style!

Depending on the number of people, plus the varying sizes of potatoes, I guess that it's best you choose the right amount of potatoes for your ultimate satisfaction. However, here is a general recipe guide for 4 servings. :) Enjoy!

  • 4 Russet potatoes
  • Rosemary flakes (or leaves, if you'd like)
  • Cajun spice powder
  • Oregano flakes
  • 4 tablespoons of olive oil (take note: use cooking olive oil, not extra virgin)
Elaborate Steps:
  1. Slice each potato into 12 wedges (keep skin on)
  2. Place all into a large bowl 
  3. Drizzle olive oil all over it, and mix the potatoes together, preferably with your hands
  4. Pour on the cajun spice powder!!! (I mean it: POUR IT ONNNN)
  5. Mix the potatoes again, then pour on the cajun once more ;D
  6. Sprinkle the rosemary everywhere, and mix
  7. Sprinkle rosemary again, and mix 
  8. Sprinkle oregano (quite a lot) everywhere, and mix
  9. Sprinkle oregano once more, and mix
  10. Get it all mixed evenly, for an excellent herb taste ;)
  11. Preheat oven at 220 degrees
  12. Lay out all your wonderful wedges on a baking tray, and avoid overlapping any of them, to make sure the wedges are able to bake evenly.
  13. You will find that there is a residue of the olive oil and herbs in the large bowl. Drizzle this over the wedges, so that they will absorb all that flavour!
  14. Once oven is ready, pop the tray in, and let it bake for 40-45min
  15. Let it cool down, then place all the wedges onto a paper napkin (on a plate, of course), so that it will be able to absorb access oil. 
  16. Enjoy! :D
There you go! Hope y'all understand it, and try it out for yourselves :) Great for accompanying western dishes, which is a healthy alternative instead of the usual french fries.

Alright, you guys must be wondering... where are the photos? XD I must admit, I was in a hurry to bake this before rushing down to meet my lovely cg girls, so I didn't manage to capture the baking preparation & process. However, I did take a wide shot of all the potbless food, so here it is~

Potato wedges in the green container!
For that portion, I had used 5 potatoes with varying sizes. :)

As for the rest of the potbless food, we enjoyed bee hoon with awesome spicy chilli, fried cuttlefish balls, fried chicken karaage, fried chix wings, jelly cheesecakes and brownies with chocolate eclair ice cream! It was superrrrr delish! Had umpteen servings lol. 

The jelly cheesecakes that Shirin brought were definitely one of the highlights. Everyone asked where it was from, which she revealed, Cottage Pie. I loved it! The jelly on top was light and not too sweet, combined with the signature cheesecake crumbly base, and the cute strawberry heart - oh my goodness, 5NOMX right away! Cottage Pie is found in Pasir Ris, just in case you readers out there want a taste of this goodness. Recommended for parties and gatherings! It's Christmas season fa la la la la...
(Btw Janessa, if you're reading this, the 'graceful' memory of you with 2 cheesecakes is forever etched in my mind hahaha)

To top it all off, Jemimah's homemade brownies (which all the girls were waiting for) hit the spot. I paired it with the scrummy chocolate eclair ice cream provided by Alison, and oh boy, cravings satisfied, Cherlyn's tummy scrummified. ;D 

Homemade brownies - done the right way!

Also, Elizabeth Tai (fondly called Taitai) ;), added on to our sweet tooth fantasies by opening a box of miniature Rittersport chocolate squares! :) It came in 3 flavours, Yoghurt, Bluberry Yoghurt & Strawberry Yoghurt.

Blueberry yoghurt flavoured
I had the blueberry yoghurt, and it was my first time trying that flavour. It was interesting, and the chocolate combined with it proved to be a party of flavours in the mouth :D Good for sharing hehe, all come in pretty little wrapped squares!

Not to forget, although I didn't manage to capture a photo of the delightful fruit kebabs with non-fat yoghurt that Kailin brought, it was a refreshing end to our heavy dinner haha! Fruit kebabs w yoghurt is something I would love to do in my own spare time, now that I've got the idea. :)

Anyways, just to share some tidbits about what fun we had that night - I loved the sharing (by beloved Choy & Jolene), the worship, and the bonding we had together during our girls' outing :) Praise Jesus for every kingdom friendship! Thanks to Elizabeth Choy (fondly known as Choy), for opening up your house, and Clarissa, who came all the way from JB several days ahead to prepare the games! Most of all, to all the girls who came, we laughed, had fun, shared secrets and just basked in the wonderful presence of our Lord <3 Wanling, Shirin, Sabrina, Alison, Jolene, Choy, Eliz Ho, Hazel, Clarissa, Kailin, Christabel, Janessa and Taitai :)
Cheers to the many more girl outings yet to come! *clinks glass*

Blessed CG girls outing <3 xoxo (credit: Elizabeth Choy)

Cherlyn xoxo

Get a load of this: MY KENWOOD ALL-IN-ONE MIXER CAME TODAY!!! (Means: BAKING) :D Will be doing my signature double chocolate chip cookies for Christmas gifts soon ^_^ Might share some parts of my recipe with you... heehee

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