Saturday, January 19, 2013

Brie Cheese Puff

Cherlyn loves cheese. Cherlyn loves cheese. Cherlyn loves cheese. Cherlyn loves cheese. ummmmm...

Hahaha hello again! Yes, as you can all tell - I love cheese! Recently, my mum made a really awesome Brie Cheese Puff, and in fact, it's the 1st time she's done it - turned out to be a cheesy success~ :D

She told me that she used 2 WHOLE TRIANGLES of Brie, and she literally just chucked them into the pastry, brushed on some butter, folded it up, baked it - and you got a crispy puff full o stringy cheese! Imagine the awesomeness.

Baked Brie Cheese Puff - amazeballs

A bite of heaven

Yum in my tum! :D You don't just cut 1 slice for yourself...
Yupps, overall the brie cheese puff was so deliciously scrummy! :D I encourage you guys to try this out. I mean like, who cares about the shape of the puff, as long as it tastes awesome, it hits the spot! ;)

Like seriously, I think this should be fairly easy to make ^_^ Just buy some frozen puff pastry sheets, any form of cheese you love (I recommend Brie for this - it holds in a pastry very well, and yet not too overpowering), and some butter/olive oil. :) Brie has a mild flavour, with nuttiness as well as a creamy texture. When melted, your tastebuds will go ooh-la-la :P 

What. am. I. doing. typing. this. at. 1+am. Cheese makes the world go round, and currently, me iz hungry. HAHA. Ah well ^_^ 

Anyways, because I wanted to show y'all how crispy & cheesified this is, here's a random short vid for you guys! 

Cheers to all the wonderful cheeses in the world, and I pray that we shall all not get fat from eating cheese hahaha! XD

Cherlyn xoxo

P.S. I will try to update w as many food posts as I can :) Keep those tummies waiting! <3

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