Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's gonna get messy.

Helloooo readers! :)

Wondering what to nom for lunch? Coz I've got something delicious and absolutely tender to tell you all about. *cues music*


The newest invention cranked out by Carl's Jr. Loaded with a single beef patty, fried onions, pulled pork with BBQ sauce, my goodness - this is the BOMB. Of course, if you're a meat monster, do pack it on by ordering the thickburger portion. Now, that's the real deal! ;D

Yumyum - ready to devour yet? ;D
Alrighty-o, let's take a look at what's on the inside! *anticipation* {well, at least a week ago, I was, haha}

Looks promising, no?
Well, I must say, this wasn't a very satisfying shot {your dear writer was hungry & therefore snapped a photo without thinking} - yes, moving right along - The burger doesn't look super appealing, but to me, the burger doesn't really have to look fantastic to taste good :) So yeaps, I took a bite... *explosion of flavours popping in my mouth*

I devoured the onion first, and woah, that was good. Crispy, warm, and absolutely bursting with yumminess. Then, the tangy flavours from the BBQ sauce hit the tongue, ooooh boy, tangylicious! I really like how the sauce isn't too sweet or goopy, like some that I've had before, it's well balanced, gives the right amount of flavour, and tastes like something you get from a roadhouse bbq place in the USA. 

Next, was the tenderness of the beef - and oh wow wait - is that pulled pork I taste? My goodness, never have I had beef patty and pulled pork together! Seriously, those two together = amazing chemistry. I must say, the pulled pork was really extremely tender, and nothing like what I always expected pulled pork to be {mainly because I had an unsatisfactory experience eating pulled pork 2 years ago}. psst. don't go to "NewYorkNewYork" to have pulled pork.

Altogether, with the meat, pulled pork, BBQ sauce & fried onion, one would have thought that's the perfect combination, but hold on a second - for me it ain't! Hmm, why?

Well, at Carl's Jr., they offer a teeny condiments bar, and they have a ton of good stuff to offer, lemme tell ya. Homemade salsa, chilli w jalapenos, onions, ketchup etc. For me, pouring on a load of salsa, chilli and onions is what makes my nomming experience so much sweeter :D 

Chilli, Onions, Salsa - the epitome of fresh condiments in fast food restaurants!
In case you're new to Carl's Jr., customers here loveee to take loads of this stuff to add to their burgers and dip their fries in. It's fresh, tasty, crunchy, oh you just have to try it for yourself! For those who hate tomatoes, this might just change your mind. {I love tomatoes, FYI} Each time I'm there, you'll catch me going for a 2nd or 3rd round of these >v<

Crispy thick cut fries, oh my love
*salivates* Imagine yourself taking one of those hot, thick cut fries, and you take your first bite - warmness creeping up your tongue, your mouth going ooh-la-la at the ultimate crunchy exterior, leading to a comforting potatoey interior, that just makes you wanna have more, more & moreeeee. *dreamy sigh*

Okay, snap back to reality now, everyone! ;D 

What's the big deal about fries eh? Well, this particular one hits the spot - to me, it's better than the usual McDonald's, KFC or Burger King. It's thick cut, which adds to the whole experience, okay fine I love potato, so yeah. More potato [I actually typed "pototo" before correcting it LOL] = Cherlyn's potato cravings satisfied. It's also not oily, not too salty, not bland, with a crunch that'll leave you hunting for more in that box o fries! ;)

Ice Lemon Tea - le originale
Now now, for those who love your drinks, or you're a water tank, don't hold back your sips when nomming - coz over here at Carl's Jr., they understand. Drinks are all - R E F I L L A B L E. And what do we humble Singaporeans do when we hear that? YAAAAAAM SENGGGGGGGG! Drink all we can! XD {I dabao-ed 2 ice lemon teas to take home}

The thing I love about their drink section is, it's completely a self-serve area, so you can help yourself to it as long and as much as you can take. :D Variety of drinks is utmost important too! They have the regular soft drinks and teas/coffee, but what I always, without fail, go for is, the ORIGINAL Ice Lemon Tea

Brewed only at Carl's Jr., you first have to:
  1. Take a cup & fill it with ice
  2. Fill it with the warm lemon tea, while leaving a 1cm gap to the brim
  3. Pour in your desired amount of sugar syrup (I advise that you don't pour too much)
  4. Add the lemon pieces
  5. Poke the straw in & enjoyyyy!

The lemon tea is really good, and it is completely different from the sweetened (like crazy) kinds you get out there. The next time you're there, don't head for your usual Coke or Sprite, have a little fun - have your own experiment of preparing your desired concoction of lemony goodness! My advice? Have seconds.

My rating? 4.8 NOMX :) Flavourful & tenderness in each bite, with freshness blossoming in every corner of your mouth, you've got to try their latest burger! :) Why didn't I put 5NOMX? Coz their Steakhouse burger last year, that was 5NOMX-worthy, and nothing has been able to top it since. If it ever comes back, this nommer, will rushhhh to tell y'all kays! ;D As for fries & drinks, 5NOMX. Well, yknow, as compared to other fast food places, this does come out tops!

Just a heads up, the combo (small), costs $10.90, which is a reasonable price, coz you get good food, with refillable drinks, and a homemade condiments bar, c'mon, it's worth it. Plus right, ordering the small is good, coz no matter the size of the cup, you can refill, and refill... Check out the ongoing promos too, you might like to try something else too :D

Pucker up!

Cherlyn xoxo

Get a load of this: Bao Jin Tian review coming up next! Keep your eyes peeled, you dim sum lovers ;)

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