Monday, October 8, 2012

Yummylicious Sunday (Brekky)

Had really good food today! :) Super satisfying, and you readers should try them too ;)

Anyways, first off, sorry about the lack of blog posts for like the past 2 weeks, was just preoccupied with other stuff :D But... more food posts coming soon! *yayeness*

Alrighty o, the first awesome nomx I had today was from Pullman Bakery :) Have y'all heard of it before? It's a Japanese bakery, and they are relatively famous for their donuts :3 No no, not your ordinary glazed or sprinkled choco donut - nuh uh. What you get here is fresh, hot out of the oven - fluffy insides with a crisp exterior.. *droolworthy* :P Presenting to you.. Pullman Bakery! ^_^

 Being a bakery, there are obviously a wide variety of breads over here. What I'll like to point out is that they do offer a few variants of baguettes, and having tried them before (quite a long while ago..), I must say, they don't come cheap for the size, but quality wise, we have a winner ;) From what I remember, they have milk bread baguettes, wholegrain kinds? Ah well, shall check them out next week. They offer lovely madeleines, cookies, chilled good quality sandwiches.

Drinks wise, they offer 4 flavours for Meiji milk: Good ol' fresh milk, Strawberry, Chocolate & Coffee. Adding on, they offer hot UCC coffee, plus the chilled one - packaged in a cute lil' can (Cute stuff are always getting my attention). If you'd prefer a Pokka bottled drink, they also offer a few kinds. In this bakery, I'm sure there's something for everyone. :) It's located in Millennia Walk, nearest MRT: Promenade (Circle Line). Now~ to the food&drink that I had today! (Or rather, ytd)

 This is the crabmeat sandwich :) Two lovely white breads (w/o crusts), stuffed with chilled AUTHENTIC crabmeat, along with several crunchy lettuce leaves, with a dollop of salad cream - a delightful morning refreshment :DDD On a whole, it tasted great, the crabmeat is flavourful, but I do wish they added more filling to the sandwich (more stuffings, greater satisfaction, no? ;D)

 As it was my first time eating the sandwich, I was wondering how to open the plastic wrapper, as it had no sticky tape - then I realised~ as the Japanese are, innovative in every way, they created a perforated lining on the wrapper, and all you needed to do is to gently pull it apart :) No fuss!

Oh yes, not to forget, there are a few other sandwich choices too, such as Lobster & Potato etc. :) Yes, real lobster.


Happy nomming! Look at all the crabmeat :3

My rating: 4NOMX - Fresh seafood sandwich, but could do with more condiments :) Also, if you're looking to fill yourself up for brekky, I recommend that you either choose something heavier (this is considered quite light), or, you buy another donut/bread along with this. Nom away!

Had this UCC chilled can coffee, and yes, it looks tiny, but somehow or rather - it's just enough to satisfy your thirst after eating all the bread :) Like most can coffees, there's no denying that it's always a tad too sweet. However, it is still not as sweet as some brands I've had before, and since this comes in such a small can, it won't hurt ;D 

My rating: 3NOMX - Nothing really special, cuteness factor YESSS, but all in all, it's not something I would place on my fave list. A nice accompaniment for the breads though :) Would prefer it to have a much stronger coffee taste.

Presenting to one and all... Cherlyn's absolute fave donut in Pullman Bakery! *drumroll* Cinnamon Donut! <3 <3 <3

My goodness, this picture is enough to make me crave for it again.. it is THAT good. 

At just $1, this donut is a steal! :) Dusted with cinnamon sugar, combined with a slight crispy exterior, with an amazing soft, white & fluffy dough inside, when you sink your teeth into this donut, you'll find true love. (Omg, why am I being so cheesy) ^v^ 

Everything about this donut just oozes deliciousness. You HAVE to try this at least once in your lifetime, cause for me, this is like THE place that you can get such a great tasting donut for such a low price too :) Alright, I must say something though, the ones that came out of the oven today were a tad smaller than all the times I bought before :< Baker, don't make the donuts smaller!! >.<

My rating: 5NOMX - It's as good as it gets. Go get it. Now. :P

Of course, this bakery doesn't just sell one kind of donut, silly~ 
There's the sugar donut, twisted donut, really any kind of donut, and... a CURRY donut. You heard me right, Japanese Curry Styled - DONUT.

My adorable sis, Alexis, all smiles with the load of curryfied awesomeness in hands.

Not curry flavour guys, it's real Jap curry w ingredients to boot!
My sis chose to have the famous curry donut (yes, it's really famous), and she offered to show us a bite into what the donut looked like on the inside :DD (A bad idea to type this in the middle of the night gosh.. fooooooooood)

I've eaten this before, so let me share my experience :) Truthfully, it's amazing. Especially when you get it hot & toasty, right out of the bakery's oven :D The exterior is crunchy, and flavourful, and when you finally get into the curry, the warmth and goodness of the curry just hits you. There's potatoes, and loads of curry in it, not spicy, not too sweet, just nice! <3 Love, oh my curryfied love. (Must be the stomach speaking) XD

Jokes aside, this donut is quite filling, and I think anyone, who likes curry, will love this. My sister does! She orders this curry donut every single time we go there :)

My rating: 5NOMX - Worth every bite. A curry donut that cannot be forgotten. ;)

And yes, that was just breakfast! NEXT UP! LUNCHHHHHH! (Upcoming post, everyone) It'll be up later in the morning! :D It's about .. prawn mee.. mmmm mm! 

TTFN (A short one!)
Cherlyn xoxo

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