Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Blackball Experience

Hey there munchies! ;)

Have you guys ever tried the much talked about Blackball? A dessert chain originated from Taiwan, Blackball is known for its super smooth grass jelly, and its signature desserts :) So... when I saw that it had opened an outlet in Singapore, I anticipated the day I would try their yumz!

Conveniently located at The Star Vista, at a prime spot - literally, since it's the first stall you see once you hop onto the escalator that leads from Buona Vista MRT, it is sure to attract many dessert nommers. Not to mention that they've got quite a fanbase & a lovely alfresco dining area :D

Blackball outlet @ The Star - with a ton of  ppl in line (way more behind in the Q)

Alfresco dining - very nicely furbished!

Huge banner on the indoor seating area,
showcasing their signature dessert

There's a Q number on each receipt! Take a seat as you wait...
I got seats on the inside, and started to wait for my queue number to be called. We waited, and waited, and waited - till we wondered what on earth was taking them so long! >.< If you're in a rush, or don't intend to wait for more than 10-15min, I think you guys should wait till the next time, when you've got time to spare. Coz apparently, it took about roughly 15-20min before it came, and the whole bunch of us were getting kinda restless from the long wait.

Anyways, without any further ado, I present to you, Blackball's signature dessert!

Blackball's Signature dessert - their pride & glory
Loaded with super smooth grass jelly, chewy pearls, red beans, and all the kinds of glutinous balls filled with different sorts of fillings like, 2 yams, sweet potato, lotus (I'm not sure what else there are, but there was quite a variety). Besides that, nommers have the option of having this served up in 4 different ways: Hot, Cold, Warm or Icy. My mum ordered the Cold version.

This dessert also comes with a cute lil' creamer, which is really interesting, as I've not seen it been used in desserts, just your usual coffee or tea.

Since I had my red bean milk ice blend, I didn't really eat much of the dessert - also coz I just ate ahballing glutinous rice balls the previous day :X - but my mum did mention that the dessert was good, but not so good till the point she would order it again. As for my verdict, the grass jelly was really good, and I loved that part, but when I bit into one of the balls, it had this squishy (too chewy) texture, and I didn't fancy that.

I guess it would be based on personal preference for this one, if you love your glutinous chewy balls in a variety of different fillings, this is something for ya! :)

Red Bean Fresh Milk (Ice Blended)

A closer look at the nice blend of red beans & milk
This drink was something I decided to order after seeing that it had a "good!" symbol beside it on the menu, haha! :D I was just itching to try something unconventional & new. Guaranteed, the red beans are nicely blended with the milk and ice, and I like how the flavours were all balanced out, and if you let it melt after a while, the mixture would be perfect (how I know this? I brought half of it back home lol) :D I would so buy this drink again, and for all those who adore red bean, this is a drink you'll put on your fave list for Blackball! ;)

Black Tea! Simple, but a very strong aftertaste of zesty tea
As for the Black Tea, my dad ordered this, since he wanted something without milk for today ;) It had a strong zesty taste, and the tea aftertaste lingers in your mouth, like how good tea does :D Of course, there's 30% sugar added, I do wonder if it would still hold its good balance of zest & sweetness even at 0% - because if it does, to me, the drink will earn its place on my top faves :)

Alrighty-o! Hope this post satisfies (ahem, or rather, enhances) your Blackball cravings - go get some! :D Final verdict: I will definitely patronise this place again, and will try out other drinks, and will share them all with you guys ^_^

Check out Blackball's website:

There are outlets at The Star Vista, Clementi currently. More outlets are opening at 112 Katong, Bugis+ & Bedok (should have opened by this time).

Opening hours for The Star Vista outlet is from 10am till 10pm (Sun-Thurs), 10am till 11pm (Fri-Sat).

Btw, I'll be quite busy over the next few weeks (or should I say, the first half of Feb), so I do apologise for the wait between new posts :) But hey, good nomx is always worth the wait <3

To all you dessert fans,
Cherlyn xoxo


  1. Awesome!! :XD Keep it going as long as you are in the mood for dessert.

    1. Thanks! :) BlackBall is a pretty interesting place for desserts ;)