Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have "Bao Today"!

Hey there readers! Sorry for not updating for 2 weeks already >.< But hey, good food is worth waiting for, isn't it? ;)

Well, any of you guys hungry for some breakfast munch? Mmm.. shall I entice you with dim sum? 
Siew MaiSesame BaoChar Siew BaoCarrot CakeLiu Sha BaoCheong Fun... topped off with a piping hot cuppa teh siu tai. ;D 

This branch I went to is located at Marina Square, and normally, the place is pretty quiet - but I suggest you avoid this place on days which have marathons - you'll probably faint of hunger before the nomx reaches your table haha! (average wait time during marathon events: 30-45min)

Anyways, moving right along to what you've all been waiting for...

Siew Mai
The Siew Mai was pretty good, quite flavourful, and had crunchy bits in it :) I like how the skin isn't too thick, coz honestly, you want to eat more meat then the skin right? haha :D For my family, ordering this is a usual, every time we eat dimsum.
Siew Mai is everywhere - any coffeeshop sells it, even your random school vendor auntie.
How to differentiate the good & not-so-good kinds? Well, first off, the skin should not be thick, the pork should not be fatty & not oily, plus, the best have bits of chestnuts hidden in them!! :D Those are the best.

Sesame Bao
Next up! Piping hot delicious Sesame bao :D 

I'm someone who isn't very fond of baos, and I can live without them haha... so, for me to say that this has left a delectable impression in my mind, it must be GOOD! :B

Never tried a sesame bao before? Same here, till I chanced upon this at this eatery :) 

It looks okaaaay only right? Ooooh, wait for it...

Mmmm.. look at that Sesame Bao oozing with awesomeness..
Look at that load of oozing sesame! My goodness, it sure was insanely delicious! It was really unexpected, but the moment you take a bite, it's like all the past sesame paste experiences just whoosh away in comparison to this :D 

It's chockful with black sesame, and I don't know what is that called - the 'sesame gravy' that comes with it, absolutely perfecto. *drools*

You have got to try this. Pronto. If there is only bao I have to choose, woah hands down this!

Carrot Cake
Dim sum just isn't complete without ordering these crispy rectangles of indulgent carrot cake wouldn't it? ;) 

For me, I just had to try it. :D Dipping it in some sweet chilli sauce makes it tastier.

I must say, the carrot cake is good too! A great crunch as you sink your teeth in, and then, you meet with a chewy, soft interior. Not too oily, nor over-fried. Juuuust nice.

Liu Sha Bao
(apparently my sis was too eager - took 1 before I even snapped the pic haha)
Custard + salted egg bun. Fondly called "liu sha bao", meaning Golden Sand bun.

Okay wait - CUSTARD? What on earth is custard (a Western nomx), doing with SALTED EGG? :O

Fret not - this is the latest fad for baos in every dim sum eatery so far.

The quality of a perfect liu sha bao is how well the custard flows! Interesting ain't it? (at least to me...)

Liu Sha Bao living up to its "flowiness"

There you have it, once you tear the bao, the custardy goop should flow right out! I mean it - if it's good, you better be prepared, or get a napkin. ;)

For me, I don't fancy this bao due to a traumatic experience with a corn bao (yellow colour you see..), which I thought was the liu sha bao, and that corn bao was insanely putrid horrifying disgusting - alright you guys get how much I hate corn baos now. hahaha!

But, as for my sister, she L.O.V.E.S this bao, it is currently her hot fave! It must be good, I must say, but it lies in the preference of your undeniable tastebuds. :B
Prawn Cheong Fun
Ah yes, the cheong fun! Something that I wouldn't miss as well :) I like the prawn filled ones better than the char siew types. I don't know, I guess the prawns have a nicer savoury match with the lovely cheong fun.

I recommend this cheong fun, as the gravy isn't too salty, and the cheong fun is definitely made in-house, it's just the texture - it gives away everything :D It is really smooth, and watch out! It may just slide right off your spoon - nomnom.

Char Siew Bao

Char Siew bao, a classic that is eaten by nearly all Chinese people. Basically, a BBQ pork bun, that has a sweet gravy, and a hint of savoury goodness in it too!

This is great for kids, I have no idea, but they all seem to like this bao. Or maybe it's just my sis & her utter liking for baos? Since young, she has looooved this bao. Okay, not since young, since forever. ;)

Cross-section of a Char Siew Bao
This bao tears open with steam rising from it, giving you a free steam facial (okay who am I kidding) -

I like how the skin is not tasteless and just thick, thick, thick, but doesn't crumble, the texture is well done. Fluffy!

The char siew filling is pretty good too, as it was filled with a satisfying amount of ingredients, and was not tough to chew, in fact, it was tender.

Teh siu tai
Introducing the last item... TEH SIU TAI! :D Oh my love~ If you ever ask me what my favourite drink is, it's teh siu tai ^_^ I love it when the teh o is so fragrant, that when you add the milk & sugar, it enhances the flavour, and compliments it as well :) Yes, teh siu tai stands for: tea with condensed milk, less sugar.

To all foreigners out there, if you don't drink this in Singapore, you've missed out on a lot! >v< It is just awesomeness contained in a cup, just awaiting its drinker. of course, be mindful that there are places that do it right, and places that make it either too sweet/bland. Some good spots I recommend? Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toast Box, Bao Today. That's just a few!

The teh siu tai at Bao Today is not bad, and I enjoyed it lots. For those who wish to try something else, I suggest having the yuan yang, which is a mix of teh & kopi together, and this place blends these 2 in such a way, it is like they are meant for each other :) In short, the teh and yuan yang served here is marvellous! Totally recommend.

Fun fact: I love those little spoons (not the metal teaspoons) they give with those traditional coffee cups, it's adorable haha!

Till the next post then,

Cherlyn xoxo

P.S. More food coming soon! :) Ate a lot = more reviews kekeke. 

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