Friday, September 21, 2012

Small Bites of the day

For today, since I was just lazing around the house, I didn't make myself a proper (late) lunch, but instead, opted for a cereal :) Well, it may be nothing new, but I'm sure this is a cereal many haven't tried before~

Oho! Morning School Crispy Breakfast Cereals :D credit: redmarket
It has condensed milk & cocoa hazelnut flavoured cereals, and on top of that, it comes in alphabets! :D Although, I couldn't find all the letters from A-Z... But, since I had loads of time, I went on to taking photos of my cereal (random, yes I know).

Managed to find all the alphabets in my name!

I've had it both ways, with or without milk, but personally, having it with milk makes everything better :D I'd say that if the hunger pangs hit you during the day, just before dinner, I recommend this, as it is really quite filling, and satisfies your tummy :D

At first, I expected the cereal to be really sweet coz of the condensed milk, but surprisingly, the cocoa is actually sweeter. The condensed milk just has a milky essence in every bite, and yeah, drowned in the loads of milk that I poured in anyways~ For the cocoa, think koko crunch. ^_^

Overall, it's quite a pleasant snack/cereal, and it certainly is worth the $ too! From what I remember, I guess it retails for 'under $5'.

Well, this ends my short post on 'Small Bites of the Day'! :) Enjoy nomming, it's FRIDAYYYY!

Cherlyn xoxo

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