Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's TEA Time!

Tea for you, readers? ;)

Personally, I love sipping tea at any time of the day, I even went for a tea session with my friends right after a sports event >v<

Since I'm such a tea lover (I prefer tea to coffee :B), and love to try out any kind of teas that come along my way, my house has a cupboard filled with different varieties of tea :D My mum loves it too! keke..

My favourites are Earl Grey (if there's Lavender infused ones, that is really awesome) & the humble matcha japanese green tea ;) Seems like I love the kind of teas that have a strong flavour? Ah well.

I think that Earl Grey tea is amazing! When I get a whiff of it, it almost seems like I smelt Heaven~ ;D Yeah, a bit cheesy maybe, but really - my love for Earl Grey tea is that huge. <3 <3 <3

I'll do a review on a few types of Earl Grey tea, and find out the What, Why & How exactly, can teas of the same kind, taste different. :) {Coming soon!}

Moving onnnn... the reason why I started rambling about tea, teas & more teaaaaaaa, is coz, I tried a new brand of tea today!

TA-DAAAAAAA! Crabtree & Evelyn, English Breakfast Tea ^__^

Comes in 1 box of 25 sachets

I never knew that Crabtree & Evelyn sold tea - until my friend told me, and said that the tea is great! It's under their 'Fine Food' selection, and it comes in a box of 25 sachets (S$15). From what I know, the 25 sachets per box is only available in Earl Grey, Afternoon & English Breakfast tea. As for the rest, they come in 10 sachets per box (S$8), which I wonder why... ?^o^?

Anyways, I did buy the English Breakfast tea for my friend's birthday prezzie, since she likes tea! In the end, she was so lovely, she gave me 3 sachets to sample hehe :D Which finally brings me to the point of this tea-thingamajig - what do I think about this brand of tea? Especially since its specialty lies not in teas, but in its beauty&fragrances~

Normally, this is the kind of tea that you're served at any western restaurants/airplanes after your meal. There's the option of putting creamer aka milk & sugar, which I've always liked to add into my tea (I love milk tea, you see..). By the way, only after today when I drank English Breakfast, did I then realise this is the very same tea they serve. :D

Well, since I've rambled for a while, let's watch a video shall we? Tea, served by the nommer who wrote this post.

The sound of the hot water hitting the tea bag, the sight of the richness in the colour of the tea & the aroma of the robust tea - *ahh* doesn't it just make you want to sip some too? >v<

Small joys, people call it~ but I enjoy seeing the tea infuse into the hot water, and sniffing the goodness of the aromatic delight :)

Once opened, the iconic logo greets you ;)
Colour of tea after simmering for 3 min 
 Clearly, just by the colour itself, one can tell that there is some depth in flavour :)
Did you know? The darker the tea, the longer it has undergone fermentation!

For this brand of tea, I think that the tea aroma is quite strong, and if you add creamer/sugar, it'll overpower the loveliness of the tea >v< Well, everyone likes their tea in different ways! I think this tea was generally quite good, like I say, aroma is something that I loveee, and when the expectations of the tea was met as well, I'd say that the tea is really worth its price :)

Both a wakeup call & a night soother, I recommend Crabtree & Evelyn's tea, which really satisfies :D Oh yes, if you let the tea linger a lil' longer in your mouth for a while, you're able to appreciate the robust flavours more, and believe me, the aftertaste is dreamlike. <3

Cherlyn's rating for this cup of nom: 4NOMX

My way of enjoying tea: 
1) Lean close to your cup of just-made-tea
2) Close your eyes for a split second
3) Take a deep breath of the aroma of tea (not with your mouth!)
4) Take sips at the beginning, let the myriad of flavours burst in your mouth
5) Enjoy it, don't take big gulps of it! XD 
6) Pair your tea with some cookies/biscotti for an indulgent time ^_^

Alright, this was a wayyy longer post than I intended XD Hope you enjoyed reading!

Cheers to all the wonderful teas in the world,
Cherlyn xoxo

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