Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh, for the love of food

Hey everyone! 

I'm Cherlyn, and this is my blog to tell the world about my love for food! Some will be reviews, and be it tremendously delicious or insanely horrid, I'm here to dish out the details! ^_^ 
For ratings, it'll be out of 5 NOMX, and we'll see how deliciously nomworthy it turns out :D

Just more about what y'all will see on this blog:

- Food Reviews \(^_^)/

- Baking recipes & tips 

- Cooking recipes & tips

- "What are my favourite nomnomx?" (Recommendations - a monthly review on delectable nomx)

- What are the newest places/outlets to nomx in SG? (e.g. The Star Vista)

- "From Me To You" (reply to questions - if y'all readers have anything to ask haha :D)

- "The Gastronomical Complexities of le nomx" (e.g. Why can't we use olive oil for everything? FYI, it has a smoking point!) :P

Yeah, those are basically the stuff I'll be writing about~ :) :) 

Hope y'all will all enjoy reading my foodie blog, and if you'd like to share your experiences with me/recommend a place, just drop a comment down below! :) 

Cherlyn xoxo


  1. Great job, Cherlyn. This sure sounds to be fun. I have a request. As non-Singaporeans and an expatriates, my wife and I always get confused when it comes to the choices listed on a hawker centre display board. And honestly, we can't tell the difference between a Nasi Le-mak and a Nasi Le-novo. Why don;t you blog on the names and descriptions of some of the finest Singaporean delicacies for people like us and even recommend the best place for each delicacy. That will make life so much easy for people like us and also drive an instantaneous traffic of tourists, and expatriates to your blog. Oh, the different types of teas and coffees also puzzle us. Kah Tai, Siew Tai...or too complicated to understand, so just don't try!!
    You see my point, so many like us are missing out on Singaporean delicacies... And finally, all the best and have fun blogging!!

    1. Haha thanks Mr Roy! :D Alrighty, I'll gather all the knowledge I have about Singapore delicacies, do some research, and post about it soon ^_^ You might wanna try out some "teh siew tai" for the time being ;) ;)