Sunday, January 20, 2013

High Tea @ Jones The Grocer

Situated cosily in Mandarin Gallery, lies a bustling level full of hungry people - and obviously, food. Jones The Grocer is guilty of one. ;D Queues, Queue, Q, the line of diners in waiting never really ends, does it? We Singaporeans seems to eat all the time XD

Was supposed to live it fancy at Antoinette's. but the pathetic size of the place turned us off haha. (Will go there next time, but diff place) So, apparently, even after nomming lunch (which was random fishball noodles that I do not care to review), I headed down to Jones The- okay for goodness sake, let's just keep the name simple & just say "JTG" - and met my mum who was already there, and my dad who was with me :) This all happened on a very fine day, the last day of 2012. ;)

It was a gathering for my parents & their church server pals, and the random me who had nth to do, when I heard of food, decided to tag along. The life of a food blogger :> and I certainly don't regret it hehe.

When I first stepped into JTG, I was greeted by an aroma of double chocolate chip cookies (it smelt exactly like the time I baked cookies), and it was quite a pleasant sight to see - there were pastries, varieties of cheese & sweet treats displayed when you walk in/out, there's an entire wine section for those who love to accompany their cured meats or cheese with it. Merchandise & take home mixes is bountiful in this store too, very tempting not to buy one haha.

Their menu is very extensive, and it may be confusing if you're there for the very first time. :D They split their menu into sections, into the dishes they offer at a certain time of the day, so I advise you guys to get the waiter to assist you on that ;)

Now, food!

Blackforest Cheesecake
The blackforest was nicely tart, and wasn't too sweet, and that is a factor that is very important - coz I can't stand sickeningly sweet stuff XD The cheesecake was overall, very good, and is something I would order again (if there was no particular cake I wanted to try). It's delightful, and isn't "heavy", just gives you a sense of creamy satisfaction ^_^

Mint Hot Chocolate
Yaye for mint infused drinks! For you readers out there, I loveeee mint a lot xoxo
Those normal mint sweets aren't even minty enough for me, but something that would come close to the kind of mintiness I adore is "XXX extra strong mints" {found in Candy Empire stores for Singapore}. So, as you can tell, if there is a drink that has mint in it, naturally I would order that.

Take a whiff~
At JTG, they are known for churning out hot chocolate that is indulgent! They not only have mint infused hot chocolate, but they have a myriad of flavours to choose from :) So, for those who want a different infusion, I say, go for it & try something totally wacky ;)

I like how they topped it with a heart & a dash of cocoa, much to my delight ^_^ At first sip, I could taste the chocolatey goodness AND the mint, which is awesome, because at some other places, the mint either takes all the glory, or is practically non-existent. Haha, so I loved the balance of both in this drink :) Good cocoa source, definitely. OHH! It comes with 2 uber cute marshmallows too :D Plop them both in your cuppa, and let it melt....

Red Velvet Cake
For this Red Velvet Cake, I can't say whether it tastes good/bad, coz I didn't try it ;D It was the order from my parents' friends side. They didn't say it was fantastic, or even, anything. Yknow people, when food is good, you gotta say something, right? >v< Well, it certainly was of a big portion, so those who love their red velvets, come get some o'er here! 

If you've had this before, and wanna share your thoughts about this piece a cake, do drop a comment down below :)

Fresh Mozzarella with Eggplant, Tomato, Capsicum & Zucchini
My mum decided to order something random off the daily specials menu they had, and it turned out to be vegetables (hahahahahahahaha) - it was $15. So, when the plateful came, she was like... umm okay, I so did not just order vege for $15 in JTG. Anyways...

How can vegetables taste this good? ;)
It was surprisingly delicious! Even though it was just good fresh mozza & slices of a few vege. The mozzarella was undoubtedly fresh, and since I love cheese, so does the rest of my family, we loved loved loved it. The vegetables, to me, were very crunchy and full of flavours, and the eggplant was done very well. (I love vegetables, just in case y'all were wondering) :D

Verdict wise? Okay, $15 for this? If you're feeling like splurging a lil', go ahead, it's worth. But if you'll rather reserve your cash for something more wholesome, like meat... try reading the dish down below ;)

Wagyu Beef Pie w/ a side of rocket greens doused in balsamic vinegar
This was the dish I ordered! *hip hip hooray*
I was looking for something meaty, and since beef is my fave meat, well, there ya have it. Wagyu Beef Pie, with a side of balsamic dressed rocket leaves, it might just leave your tastebuds tingling!

Tender wagyu beef waiting inside... 
I like how the pastry is buttery, you can just taste the amazing-ness that encases the super tender beef. As you delve further in, you meet tender, oooh so tender wagyu beef, with gravy too! :) Lemme tell you, this is really really good, and I would order this again. Just that, if you're incredibly famished, this pie won't fill you. ;D The salad was alright, as the greens were fresh, but were a bit on the bitter side, so I didn't fancy it as much as I wished. You can enjoy this at $14. 

On a whole, I enjoyed high tea there, and I recommend it for gatherings or girly chit chat sessions, coz you can stay there for as long as you wish, and the waiters won't bother you a single bit :) 

Cherlyn xoxo

P.S. Check out my friend's new food blog, :) She started it for a school assignment, and she's about to review desserts for today - so all you dessert fans, you're in for a treat. (Her first post will be up tonight)

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