Monday, March 16, 2015

Eating Fancy On A Budget: Salmon, Avocado & Cucumber Sushi Recipe

Love food, but on a budget? We're in the same boat, buddy.

When you're in Australia, you will come to realise that food here is darn expensive, in terms of eating out. So, being a student, you'd obviously need to find ways to budget your spending, and it's usually results in us having to prep our own meals on a daily basis. However, as weeks go by, you may get tired, and just want to rest a little... don't we all? Like c'mon manzz, I'm from Singapore, a total food paradise where food is available 24/7 - so the change is so darn drastic to be honest. XD

Well, I found that in SG, I crave for non-Chinese food every now and then, but the moment I started independence here in Brisbane, I just kept on cooking non-Western food HAHAHA! It's like as if my body just switched to another. :D

So here's the thing.

I love salmon. I adore sashimi even more! So, imagine how much I have to hold back every single time I walk past a sushi store here? Coz damn manzz, their rolls of sushi here all cost an average of $2.80 (AUD, mind you!) So, how??? MAKE YOUR OWN LAH. 

Contrary to what some people may think, Australia does have its fair share of Asian grocery marts, and although the ingredients cost more than what it would back home, you can find everything you need when you head to most of these stores. ^_^

Just before we get too carried away, here are a few Asian grocery marts I've been to, where I've found my treasure trove of Chinese goodies, and if you're living in Brisbane, do check it out!
  • Yuen's Market (Sunnybank & Fortitude Valley)
  • Sunlit Market (Westfield Garden City)
I've heard that in the CBD, Formosa Asian Mart is the place to go - especially if you're a member of QUTSSA! There's a 10% discount for us *yay* - I just haven't gone to visit it yet... maybe today after class? Lol I just so happen to have class in the city campus on Monday XD Oh, but Mean Beanz is calling out to me... *addicted to lattes omg*

Anyway, I do recommend these few, as they stock everything you ever need - they even sell whole fish! For those thinking of bringing spices into Aussie - please - save your luggage space. Enough said.

The only food product I brought from SG is Koka's purple wheat noodles; Chilli & Lime, Soy & Vinegar and Aglio Olio - WHICH YOU CANNOT FIND HERE. It's my secret stash HAHAHA. (Ok, maybe not so secret now LOL) Sorry ah, if anyone wants to kope any, unless you're my good friend - no can do. So if let's say there's anything to bring - BRING THIS. Because this creation is hands down my favourite instant mee. Muahahaha.

For today! I will be intro-ing you my latest success - Salmon, avocado & cucumber sushi rolls *waves pompoms in the air*

First off, I have to say that - there is no way in heck that you're gonna find sashimi on the shelves here, so over here, we do have to settle for second best - Smoked Salmon.

Sashimi lovers, DO NOT PANIC. 

I know that back in SG, usually smoked salmon turns out to be on the salty side - and I absolutely loathe those. But, safe to say, if you choose the right product in Woolworths/Coles, your smoked salmon should taste wonderful! In my honest opinion, the smoked salmon here tasted just like thin slices of sashimi which have been slightly grilled. The flavour is impeccable, and the salt level is nearly nonexistent - melikey! (Omg, let's just coin the term; Cherlyn Approves!)

  • 1 cup of sushi rice 
  • Sushi seasoning (Mizkan is the brand I use, but as long as the bottle has "sushi seasoning" on it, you're good to go!)
  • Seaweed (Try to get resealable packs, really makes one's life easier)
  • Bamboo rolling mat (Daiso has this everywhere!)
  • 1/4 of a whole cucumber (Cling wrap the remaining 3/4 and place in fridge)
  • 1 ripe avocado (Listen up, when I say ripe, it has GOT TO BE ripe - if not you will really be disappointed haha. The skin should be a very dark green, have a slightly "squishable" feel)
  • 1 pack of smoked salmon (It's really up to you how much you want to put in, so feel free to buy a bigger pack if you'd like more salmon in your sushi!)
  • Half a lemon (Will be helpful if you own a citrus squeezer)
  • RICE COOKER. (My friend, if you don't own a rice cooker - then um, sorry ah - I have always lived with intelligent rice cookers HAHAHA - boil it in a pot AT YOUR OWN RISK AH)

  1. Cook the sushi rice in the rice cooker. After adding water to the required level in your pot, put in 3 tablespoons of sushi seasoning. Select "Sticky" rice texture if that function is available. If not, fret not - cook as usual. 
  2. Now, get started on chopping up your avocado and cucumber! 
  3. Take out the smoked salmon, and tear it into generous shreds. (Come on, we're at home. No need for a knife to cut into equal strips - it's gonna look the same when rolled up anyway >v<)
  4. Squeeze half a lemon onto your sliced avocado, making sure each slice gets some. 
  5. When you rice is done, scoop it into a bowl and allow it to cool completely.

  1. Take out your bamboo rolling mat, and lay a piece of seaweed on it.
  2. Spread your rice out onto the seaweed, but leave at least 1cm from the ends. (I prefer to place my rice at the lower part of the seaweed, so that when I roll the sushi, it's easier - especially when you have so many ingredients)
  3. Place the smoked salmon onto the rice.
  4. Now, add 2-3 slices of avocado on top.
  5. Seeing where to best fit in, strategically place your cucumber slices onto the sushi pile (HAHAHA overloaded right)
  6. For the grand moment, you just roll, press (NOT SQUISH AH) - repeat this until you get it into a nice roll. One tip: using normal tap water and your best tool - your finger, wet the top of the seaweed, so that the roll will stick together with the seaweed. Works like magic.
  7. Looking good right? You're practically at the last step! Using a knife, cut the roll into half - and wala! You're ready to eat.
  8. Chill them in the fridge if you're having them for later!

It might take you a while during the try, but once you get the hang of it - you're gonna be trying out various sushi rolls yourself! ^_^ This portions out to about 10 mini rolls, should satisfy your sushi cravings for quite a while haha :D

Hoping it's Easy Peasy Japanese-y XDDD
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eggplant In Spicy Garlic Sauce Recipe - FOOLPROOF


During my 2.5 weeks of independence, I've cooked way more Chinese food than I've ever had in my entire existence :D But, one of my proudest achievements is definitely mastering this eggplant dish! If you love eggplant, you are going to absolutely fall head over heels for this deliciousness. :)



  • Eggplant (If it's the big round ones, one will suffice / if it's the long slender ones, roughly around 3 will be a good gauge)
  • A few stalks of chives / scallions, chopped up, separating the white & green parts (whatever length you want, the taste is awesome either way lol)
  • 4 cloves of garlic (Mince this with your knife)
  • 3 slices of ginger, julienned (Actually right, who got so much time lah, just slice the ginger into nice thin pieces then good to go!)
  • 3 tablespoons of oil (or yknow, just pour as and when you feel the REAL need to)
  • 1 tablespoon of Shao Hsing wine (Relax, it's a cooking wine, and due to the cooking process, there is absolutely zero alcohol taste in this)

Mix this in a small bowl before cooking, to save time

  • 1 tablespoon of spicy bean paste (dou ban la jiang)
  • 1 teaspoon of sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of Shao Hsing wine
  • 1 teaspoon of fish sauce
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar

  1. Wash them eggplants. If you've got the big round type, do soak the purple goodness in saltwater FIRST (roughly 10 minutes should do the trick). This is to soften the skin, and to get rid of "bitterness".
  2. Cut the ends off, then proceed to slice them into equal-sized pieces. FYI, if your slices turn out ugly, don't worry, whichever way you slice it, it will become the eggplant you love still. So, chill - coz your food guru here actually chopped it into thick non-conforming triangles HAHA.
  3. Now, with your wok on the stove, turn it on HIGH HEAT. Do not panic, nothing will splatter. Unless you do the unpardonable, which is to have water on the wok. Please, wipe it dry before attempting to cook the eggplant HAHA. 
  4. Add 1 tablespoon of oil into the wok. Swirl it around to have it evenly spread as a base.
  5. When you can see the oil start to bubble, add in half the batch of eggplant. We do this so you will have evenly cooked eggplant, otherwise there'll be too much in one wok.
  6. Fry the eggplant for roughly 5 minutes, using your spatula to flip them around to check on its doneness. Lower the heat if it cooks too fast. It should look brown, seared, but NOT black or burnt please. Also, during the time period, if you find that your eggplant does not seem to be evenly absorbed with the oil, do not hesitate to add more oil. 
  7. Remove the batch 1 of eggplant and set aside.
  8. Repeat the above steps with batch 2 of eggplants. Set aside when done.
  9. Now, in the same wok, pour in 1 tablespoon of oil.
  10. Add in ginger, garlic - on MEDIUM HIGH. After 1 minute, turn the heat back on HIGHIf you happen to have minced meat on hand, adding it in now is absolutely perfect - personal preferences apply.
  11. Using all the eggplant, add it back into the wok, with the combined sauce, along with the white part of the chives/scallion, as well as that last tablespoon of Shao Hsing wine.
  12. Stir-fry for 2 minutes, ensuring that everything is well-mixed.
  13. Put the green chives/scallions into the mix, stir-fry for another 30 seconds, and you are DONE!

Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Decadent Crispy Churros from Spanish Doughnuts!

Tick tock, tick tock. Your eyes widen as you look at the fresh dough being piped out of the churrera. Your tastebuds begin tingling, watching the golden fried churros come out of the fryer. The chef lays them out onto a cooling rack, and sprinkles pristine white powdered sugar over the delicate star-shaped goodness. He scoops a portion into their custom-made cone, and places 3 dips hanging on its mouth. He calls your number... and you feel your senses come alive.

Now that my friends, is how the process of waiting for your churros at Spanish Doughnuts is like. ;)

Mmm-mm! I can still taste the savoury yet sweet awesomeness that lingers in my mouth. :D Like woah, it was THAT good.

Here's some photos from the churro making process:
The churro dough piping itself outta the churrera
Doesn't it just make you salivate at the thought of having one to crunch? Coz my goodness, this dough that they make comes out real crispy, not oily, and yet mind-blowingly amazing. Even the powdered sugar is just right. What I haven't had before was dipping my churro into various chocolate sauces. Over here at Spanish Doughnuts, they offer a variety of churro for you to select and enjoy - some are filled, some decorated with an abundance of toppings, and then you have the most popular item on the menu: the Choco Churrito's! Yes, they offer the original hot churros as well, plus a savoury option that has not yet been made available, but for today, let's feature the item which Singaporeans have been raving about!

Choco Churrito's 
When you see it in all its glory, especially the first time, you get this immediate feeling of satisfaction rising in your chest. After snapping all the pics from every angle possible, you ready yourself to devour that fried doughy goodness. Your fingers tremble slightly as they gently pick up the churro and dip it into the dark/milk/white chocolate. When you finally sink your teeth into the churro, your eyes roll back as you mouth the words, "Omg this is insanely delicious!" - My Virgin Experience.

Dat Churro.
Churro decadence at its finest.

The variety of 3 chocolate sauces are certainly a factor which Singaporeans adore, as they feel that they get more bang for their buck HAHA. It's also somewhat a novelty, since you get to dip your churro into a different chocolate type for every bite. Triple-dipping ENCOURAGED. :3

Cost of this delicious-ness? SGD$9.90
While I might point out that it isn't cheap, it is definitely not too expensive, as you have to consider the quality of ingredients used, as well as the quantity. This is great when shared between 2 or 3 people, so the cost is also shared amongst y'all good people. :D Since they make the churro fresh for each order, it means that you are getting your dessert at its peak, coz it'll reach your tastebuds when it's still warm, and crunchy! As for the chocolate sauces, you can tell that they don't scrimp on the quality, as they are thick, and yet not gooey, unlike some that you may have tried before. What I love about it is that it isn't overly sweet, and even though I feared that the white chocolate would be super sugary, surprise surprise - it WASN'T! :OOO Overall, you get satisfaction, and it raises your happiness bar for the day, so why not? It's not like you have it everyday. (Coz now, that is not encouraged at its slightest hahaha)

I am definitely recommending this to every dessert fan out there, and trust me, you'll not be left disappointed in any way! :) For those health-conscious, yeah - they are not the healthiest dessert around town, but be rest assured that if you have these babies once in a while, it'll be fine, coz it's not overly sweet, neither is it dripping with oil - there is practically no oil residue on your fingers :D Strapped on cash? No worries, just get 1 or 2 pals to join in, and you too can have a taste of these lovely crunchies.

A tip for you guys though, if you're there on the weekends, it may be difficult to find seats, so do anticipate that. :) If you're in a hurry, then order the churros another time, as they prepare them in batches, which will roughly take 5-10 minutes to be ready. Good food can wait.

Psst.. I actually recorded a short video of the unbelievable crunch it has, but it wouldn't upload :( Maybe next time I'll try again haha :D

My companions for the day!

Meeeeee! Haha pardon my makeup-less face.
My sister, Alexis
One of F10, Priscilla 
Hail them crispy churro's,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

P.S. New post will be up on soon! It's a special feature on my beloved F10, so stay tuned guys :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fresh Bakes' Frank Review

Does paying $256 for a customised cake w/ 20 cupcakes shock you?

Well, with all the customised cakeries popping up everywhere, let me give you an honest review of what I thought about Fresh Bakes' fondant creation, and whether it was worth the big bucks.

Customised cakes are becoming a trend in Singapore during recent years, as more patrons are astounded by the works of art on edible delicacies. Being such a prosperous country, and welcoming more artistic homegrown talents in the baking business, it's no surprise that these customised cakeries can be fully-booked 1-2 months prior to a celebration. However, the pricetag is really something you have to consider, as even the extra inch, tier or pieces of fondant can jack up that crazy kaching.

You know what's ironic though? Customised cakes tend to be inferior in taste to your favourite cake shop out there that offers your special strawberry shortcakes, fudgy dark chocolate sponge and creamy, velvety goodness that we all tend to go on food hunts for. But yet, we'll settle for lesser taste, in exchange for brilliant aesthetics, along with a hefty bill that costs way more than your better-than-average cake shop. I guess, we all need to have a give-and-take sometimes.

1-2 weeks prior to my sister's sweet sixteenth birthday bash, I researched on several bakeries in Singapore, trying to weigh the factors of both price and artistic skills. I questioned them if they could deliver what I had indicated on the plan I drew out and sent to their email, and asked for their quotes.

Cake Avenue was the first one that got back to me, but their quote only included fondant covering for both the 1kg (roughly 7 inches) cake with fondant pieces, and 20 cupcakes. Their quote was $170 cake + $70 cupcakes + $15 delivery charge = $255 total. However, I was put off by the fact that they could not do the cupcakes in fresh cream, and if I wanted buttercream I had to order minimum 50 cupcakes O___O So the $240 consisted of a fondant covered 1kg cake, and 20 fondant covered cupcakes - WHICH IS RIDICULOUS.
I didn't bother replying to their email after that, coz they seemed to be pestering me to hurry up and quickly place my order & pay up. Besides, I was in Msia that day lol. Anyways... You could say I was unimpressed haha. Well, props to them for replying promptly.

Fresh Bakes was the next one who rose to the occasion. From their gallery on Facebook, I had confidence that they could pull off the look and design I specifically wanted for the cake, or at least fulfill most of it. There were many emails exchanged back and forth, at lightning speed, as we were only 1 week away from the 1st of March. I also learnt one thing from all the quotes - every inch increase will cost you a bomb. Which is why instead of simply ordering a bigger cake, I settled for a 1.5kg (8 inch) cake with 20 cupcakes. Ordering a cake/cupcake combo still proved to be more economical than going bigger.

Why did I choose Fresh Bakes in the end?
They told me they would be able to accomplish my design without a hitch, with a buttercream covering for the cake, and fresh cream swirls for the cupcakes. MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS KAYS. I absolutely detest fondant coverings/toppings, as I wouldn't wanna wolf down the thick fondant that is practically loaded and moulded from sugar, which equals to me wasting money on that portion. Yes, I understand that some designs will have to be done in fondant, but in this case, mine could! ;) This was the cost of the order: $155 cake + $70 cupcakes + $25 delivery charge = $256 total.

When the cake finally arrived on 1st March, I went to check the cake & cupcakes... and I was kinda disappointed at the outcome. The cake was not covered in buttercream, but in FONDANT. LIKE WHAT DID THEY NOT GET. I double confirmed it even before I paid them -____- These are the specifications that they did not include: the cake was supposed to have gold and silver specks on the sides, the colours of the flowers were not even what I had originally indicated (purple, pink & yellow), and the fondant letters on the cupcakes were red, and not blue.

While I don't mind the change for the fondant letters, I was kind of miffed that they didn't bother to check the details listed in proper fashion. The fondant covering was the element that was most shocking, as I had said from the start that I wanted buttercream. Btw, the fondant deco pieces were kinda small compared to my expectations. Expectation vs Reality moment XDDD


Onto the taste! :) Now, this was pretty good. The cake was chocolate sponge, and I fancied the fact that it wasn't too sweet, and it had a nice crunch in each bite. VERY GOOD. For the cupcakes, we had chocolate & mango. The fresh cream was delightful, not heavy at all, and the taste/texture wise certainly scores well in my book. ;)

The verdict: The cake is great-tasting, but design-wise, I think I would have expected more elaborate fondant pieces, much bigger in fact - but most of all, with correct details. Would I order from them again? With a price for that, most likely not. $256 for a cake is really too much, as this design is rather simple. :)

However, with that being said, they did fulfill their motto of pledging to using lower sugar and no preservatives, so for those health-conscious, you can try their cake and see to it that they get every detail correct. ^_^

Planning a big party this year, and want to get a special cake for the occasion? Remember to research for a reputable one, confirm the details over and over again - especially before making payment. Lots of bakeries nowadays offer customisation, Japanese bakeries like Flor's Patisserie & Patisserie Glacé. If you'd like me to recommend a place where it will definitely NOT disappoint, you can order from "Jo Takes The Cake" or "Cherylshuen". I've heard and seen fantastic handiwork from their gallery, and everyone has raved about their consistent great bakes that pleases both the eyes and tastebuds. :) But do bear in mind that they may charge much higher prices, but depending on your budget, you can discuss with the personnel, and see how things go. :) Also order EARLY. Not just 3 weeks, 1 month or 2, but some are fully booked for monthssss ahead guys! So hurry with your order if your big day is arriving soon. :)

To a day of cakey goodness,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Newfound Love for Kosong Gao

Auntie, a cuppa yuan yang c kosong gao upsize please!

I may be a dumbo in terms of speaking Chinese, but when it comes to ordering totally Singaporean drinks in a language I completely don't understand - I am a connoisseur.

My friends know me as the fella who always orders the funniest drinks - they too don't understand what I'm ordering haha. So what are the components in my fave Singaporean drink at ze moment? Get this right. YUAN YANG C KOSONG GAO. + Upsize. Teehee.

Yuan yang is basically your regular kopi + tea mixed together, the C stands for evaporated milk, kosong means no sugar, and gao is having a thicker kopi/tea, resulting in less milk.

In recent months, I've started to fancy the mix of kopi + tea, as it tastes like a latte to me. HAHA. Yes, if you were wondering, lattes are my favourite form of coffee. I adore the bittersweet taste in it, as well as not being overpowering in milk/foam. 

Evaporated milk is healthier than your regular condensed milk, as it has no sugar content in it, whereas condensed milk has it - which automatically increases the sugar level in one's drink. *shock face* Ever since I learnt that, I've never failed to order my drinks with the C. It has a slightly different taste from those who are used to downing it with condensed milk. 

Previously, I used to order yuan yang c siew tai/teh c siew tai = drinks & less sugar. My mum started ordering her tea without any sugar since late last year, after she got the concoction ideas from her church friend, Irene. Irene is a really fashionable woman, and you wouldn't believe her age when you see her. I won't tell you her age range coz it might come off as kinda rude, so just know that she looks 20 years younger than her current age. Coz lemme assure you, by fashionable, I mean it. She even has tasteful silver bling shoes omg. Anw, coming back to her concoctions - she likes to order complicated drinks, just like mine, it was pretty much inspired by her haha. Credit goes to her manzz.

Taken a few years ago, my cute mum (left), Irene (right)
Frankly, if you're used to ordering them with full sugar/less sugar, you'd usually find going kosong quite daring. Once you've acquired your taste for it though, you will definitely find that the aroma and true taste of the tea/coffee comes out significantly - and that's what I love, getting the original source's taste, instead of coating it with sugar and irrelevant sweetness. 

Now, you might be questioning why we do gao in our drinks. You see, we all love the milky taste, which is prolly why the chunk of us don't lean towards ordering teh o kopi o (which means w/o any form of milk), however, sometimes we guys wanna have a bolder taste of the brew, and that my friends, is the basic simplistic reason on why have gao.

My recommendations on where to get the best of these concoctions, you might ask? (Commercial-wise)

1) Toast Box

I adore Toast Box, if I happen to chance upon an outlet when I'm up and about, I will order a cuppa. Usually, if I have the time to sit down, ordering their famous peanut thick toast is the ideal set. The way they do their drinks are of top-notch quality, and if you ask me whether I prefer Starbucks to this, I'd have this any day.

Back! Toast Box... I like
Went to Toastbox several times this past week, and I discovered that they currently stock a new cup when you order upsize - SO CUTE HAHA. And they're actually selling the cup! If I actually didn't have a museum collection worth of cups in my humble abode, I would prolly purchase one for novelty sake. Loyal fan you got here, people. *winks*

2) Ya Kun Kaya Toast

I don't have the taste for their dehydrated styled bread, but their steamed bread creations lately have caught my tastebuds' attention! As for their drinks, I highly recommend them too, I'd say that their coffee component in the yuan yang stands out more when compared to Toast Box, so it's all about preference. For me, this is my next choice if Toast Box is nowhere in sight.

3) Coffee & Toast

Tried an outlet's brew at Esplanade Xchange, and their drinks impressed me. Not bad for those who can't find the usual 2 brewers, this is your next option. :) The thickness of the drinks is great here, despite ordering the sugarless option, as some places add more water instead of giving you more tea/coffee. Now that's something to take note of. Kosong gao doesn't equal watery, that just means an inexperienced brewer or in other words, ripping you off. :B

4) Ah Mei Cafe

Teh O plus lemon siew tai
Kopi, Yuan Yang C Kosong Gao, Almond tea
Located in Esplanade Xchange Nom's area, this is where I encourage you to order something entirely different from what I've described earlier. Over here, drinking a cup of Teh O plus lemon siew tai is the way to go! You'd be fascinated by the immense lemon punch you get, with the right amount of sweetness (in this case I wouldn't recommend the kosong, unless you plan to go sourpucker mode), and of course, the lovely teh o original. They do it so well here, my mum and I never fail to have it when we go to GV Marina for Sunday services (it's one of the overflow rooms for my church, which is mainly located at The Star Vista). In fact, the lady boss knows me so well till, the second she sees my face, she'll smile and ask me, "2 right?" Hehe. I love such customer service.

Went to Ah Mei Café twice on Sunday, as I was in the area for both breakfast and lunch :DDD Their Yuan Yang is sooooo good too! Very thick & nice touch with the amount of milk in it. My mum tried their Almond tea, and mygoodness - delightful to sip indeed :) These shall be on your to-drink-list everyone! ^_^

Btw, if y'all love your Singaporean-style breakfast... YOU WILL LOVE IT HERE. Their beehoon with egg/luncheon meat is the absolute bomb! Their chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, glutinous rice, soon kueh, yam cake - anything you order from here is delicious & extremely tasty. Totally recommended.

Dude prepping that awesome brew ;)
So happy I managed to get that photo haha! I love it when I see the prepping of a new brew, as it's way cool, and you also know you're getting a fresh mix heh. *smiles gleefully*

In a nutshell, these are my recommended concoctions:
  • Yuan Yang C Kosong Gao (iced/hot)
  • Teh C Kosong Gao (iced/hot)
  • Teh O plus lemon Siew Tai (hot only)

A tip for y'all: When you order gao, you get more bang for your buck, as you're drinking more of what the whole essence of your drink is supposed to be.

Well, for now that's all I can come up with, but if I do discover another place which serves up great Singaporean drinks, I'll update this post! :)

Dare to go kosong,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

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P.P.S I always thought that sotong sounded like kosong. LOL. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The llao llao Craze!

Food is always a hot topic on every Singaporean mind. Known for food craze & trends which have come and gone, like donuts, beancurd and bubble tea - but after trying llao llao, I think this froyo store is definitely a contender that will stay on for a long long time.

Ask any youth out there: Have you tried llao llao? Majority will tell you Y-E-S! Recently launched in Singapore, with their first outlet sitting comfortably in Marina Link, they have now opened several more stores islandwide. I must say, I do envy my fellow SP juniors who are now enjoying llao llao in school anytime ohmygoodness. Most of the marketing for llao llao has been more of a word of mouth type, as it grew in popularity as more people came to know of this delicious delight from social media pictures. C'mon, if you see a froyo parfait that has a generous serving, combined with fresh fruits and crunchy toppings, along with a range of never-tasted-before sauces, with a green spoon so striking that you just can't resist - you know you have gotta get your tastebuds on this.

I personally LOVE their sanum. Whatever sanum means, in my dictionary, its definition is: froyo perfection with 100% satisfaction. I've had it 3 times, but no way am I stopping my llao llao intake anytime soon! If a store is in sight, I'm getting in line. And when I say line (mainly weekends), it is not a short queue, neither is it a 10 minute wait - more like an hour's wait in a queue that moved at snail's pace. Maybe that's the only setback, coz the service can be pretty slow - BUT I must must must emphasise that this is because they don't rush through your froyo creation. You see my friend, every sanum is different. Let me tell you why.

First off, they put a dollop of froyo at the bottom, then proceed to choosing 1 crunch, and 3 types of fruits, which they will then top it with another layer of crunch, before swirling that fantastic froyo again, and topping it off with a sauce of your choice. In this photo, taken on 27 July, I chose muesli, watermelon, melon & blueberries, plus the famous dark chocolate sauce.

Muesli with chocolate chips is like one of the most heavenly toppings I've ever had, and I highly recommend it to everyone. The fruits are surprisingly juicy and sweet, beyond expectations - just feast your eyes on the voluptuous blueberries okay, I can't even find those in stores here. That chocolate sauce. oh. my. It freezes once it hits the froyo, but when you put it in your mouth, it really just combines so beautifully with each spoonful.

Totally worthy of the title: "Heaven in a bite".  At $5.90, this is incredible. If you haven't tried it yet, you really should - just a tip for you guys though - the one at 313 serves up more yoghurt, but they don't give as much toppings (as heard from my cousin) & they also charge a higher price by $1 (prolly due to the higher rent there, so can't blame them), so I guess if you're in the esplanade mrt area, do pop by their Marina Link outlet instead. :D

Raise your green spoons,
Cherlyn Aurora xoxo

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Choo, Choo! It's Thai Food :D

Choo, Choo? Hahaha... well, if it makes any sense, I ate at ThaiExpress last thursday with my FYP mates! :D {Betcha geddit now}

It's one of the many meals tgt to come, since FYP mates are like your new best friends (you see them all the time, basically - not that I'm complaining, I LOVE MY GROUP praise the Lord) XD Anyways, the reason why our group so randomly turned up for late lunch (like waaay late, around 3.45pm), was coz our lecturer had let us off earlier, so we decided to have lunch tgt yayyyyy (especially for the foodie lover - ME). Took kinda long to choose, since Clementi Mall doesn't have much stuffz, but we eventually settled for yknow, ThaiExpress. :>

I ordered a set meal, which includes the main dish: SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice, Pomelo Salad, Glass Vermicelli Soup & Sweet Potatoes w Whipped Cream = $12.90.
Isn't it quite worth it? Well, when as I ate my fill, I can tell you, my next visit to ThaiExpress won't be that long... XD

Let's get the ball rolling! (or drooling of saliva, more like)

First up, the SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice!!! le yumz.

SaNook Thai Green Curry Chicken Rice
As you can see, the rice itself is slightly greenish in colour, which means that they might have doused the rice with green curry before serving (I doubt so though, the rice wasn't wet with gravy, no gravy at all actually), so I guessed that they might have cooked the rice in a special way that allowed the essence, herbs & flavour of the green curry to be contained so awesomely. Chicken pieces were hidden in the rice, and the chicken was very tender, it was in noooo way hard, and was thoroughly enjoyable! This main dish was so goooooood. A definite recommend.

Pomelo Salad
It might be kind of weird at first glance, seeing that we're not accustomed to having pomelos with... onions. :D Well, I was rather hesitant on my first bite, since I've always labelled pomelos as the cousin of grapefruit, and a tad bitter. However, I was mindblown when my tastebuds only reacted to the sweetness, and it was NOT BITTER AT ALL. Very lovely starter to the meal, and the portion was so generous, I asked one of my team mates, Jillian, to have some :D

Glass Vermicelli Soup
Clear soup, huh? How good can it be... that was my thought, thinking that it was going to just be a nice accompaniment to the main. How wrong I was! It was loaded with glass vermicelli, and bits of vege here and there, and the soup was tasty :) It was slightly peppery as well, which gave it the Thai touch.

Sweet Potatoes w/ Whipped Cream
Now, now. Don't cringe! This was very very very very good :B The sweet potatoes were nicely diced, and had such amazing sweetness and the right amount of bite for every mouthful. The whipped cream works well with the sweet potatoes, and was light & creamy. Interesting dessert that I recommend.

Overall, I must say, I enjoyed this meal so much! Of course, the company of friends makes it all the more memorable :) The portions were generous, and left the place feeling absolutely satisfied. Will be frequenting ThaiExpress more often, now that I know of good stuffz.

To those who wish for a change in palates,
Cherlyn xoxo